Where to Donate Ostomy Supplies

Where to send Unused Ostomy Supplies, for use by persons, worldwide, who are unable to afford the purchase of needed supplies.

  • Ostomy 2-1-1 email: Ostomy211@gmail.com
    60 Vera Place website: Ostomy211.com
    McCloud, OK 74851 phone: 405-243-8001

This organization will send you a donation letter stating the IRS allows $50/lb for tax donation purposes and will list the number of pounds you sent. You must keep an accurate record for the IRS, number of pounds, what you donated. A word to the wise, keep a record!

  • Osto Group website: Ostogroup.org
    3500 45th St. Ste. 16A phone: 877-678-6690
    West Palm Beach FL 3340
  • Friends of Ostomates World Wide
    4018 Bishop Lane website: Fowusa.org
    Louisville, KY 40218 phone: 502-909-6669