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Schedule of  Upcoming Meetings

      • (Virtual) February 14th, 2023 07:00 PM Pacific Time
        • Zoom Meeting. For more information please contact support@svosg.org or call (408) 365-4452
        • With COVID-19 health measures currently in place, meetings are virtual until further notice. In-person meetings will be re-visited as an option in 2023.

What Happened at our January 10th Virtual Meeting

The January 10th meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm on Zoom by Crystal. 15 people were in attendance for the meeting.

This evening we did not have a speaker. The plan was a Round Robin discussion involving our members. This is an opportunity to share what is working, what is not and to offer suggestions to others about issues that have come up with in the last several months.

Also, the is the month to remind everyone that it is time for our dues. We voted to assess ourselves $20.00 each year. This helps the group pay for the items that come up during the year. Please send your check, made out to the SVOSG to our Treasurer, Annette.

Our Round Robin began with Crystal explaining that she is having some issues and will be needing to see a doctor in the near future.

Harriet told us about some of her concerns, she does not like cutting base plates to fit her stoma.

I want to thank her for giving us a name for a potential speaker in the future. Natalie is a BSN, RN, CWOCN north from here. I have sent Natalie an email asking her to speak at a future meeting.

S – told us about some of the issues she has had to deal with. She worked in a hospital and was able to view some of the items the surgeon removed from her, how many ostomates get to see their insides? We are happy to report, she is doing quite well!

C – told us she had graduated from Berkeley last May and is looking to get her Master’s degree so she can teach. She mentioned several schools she is looking at.

M- let us know that things were going along quite nicely.

S -told us about his journey that led to surgery. That occurred in 2013, and he is doing fine since. Being an engineer, his video tonight was almost psychedelic as the colors flashed from his screen, but being an engineer, he quickly figured it out!

J-told us she hates cutting holes in base plates. A suggestion was made to get a Speedy Sharp, a great tool to sharpen scissors, knives, or anything that needs to be sharpened.

P- was having issues with skin around her stoma. It was suggested to try Marathon by Medline. Designed to protect the skin.

I will be including in the minutes, our planned schedule for the rest of the year. Please note the 7th Annual “Be Strong, Live Long Health” Health & Wellness Fair Slated for Friday, May 19th. Virginia was instrumental in this and left me with a lot of the various items she handed out at the Fair. Lunch is provided. We need at least two people for this. We really need your help to make this successful. It is an opportunity to share with people what life is with an ostomy. Virginia loved it. This year, Virginia has moved to Portugal and can’t make it this year!

Meeting Adjourned at 8:26 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Dave Bunger – Secretary – Silicon Valley Ostomy Support Group