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Our Next Meeting is Tues. February 12th

The meeting will take place at 7:00 PM in the Rosalie Rendu Room, in the cafeteria. Give yourself a bit of extra time as O’Connor is now locking the doors near the cafeteria at 6:00 pm. The front doors of O’Connor are still open past 6:00 pm. Persons who have recently experienced surgery or are about to undergo surgery are encouraged to attend, as well as those who support ostomates.

Schedule of  2019 Meetings

Feb. 12, Mar. 12, April 9, May 14, June 11, July 9, August 13, September 10, (October 8 – Bag Change Extravaganza) , November 12, (December 10 – Christmas Party + Raffle)

Map & directions to meetings

Free Ostomy Clinic launched at SJSU Learn more

Special inserts provided by UOAA – Go to Dec 2018 insert

What Happened at our January 8th Meeting

The January 8th Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm in Rosalie Rendu Room at O’Connor Hospital by Crystal. Nineteen people were in attendance including 3 newcomers.

Collin from Stealthbelt.com came to make a presentation about his product which has been highly endorsed by members of our group. He began his presentation by telling us his journey to becoming an ostomate. Collin was a competitive long distance runner in high school and university. In his junior year of college he developed ulcerative colitis and had to take time off training and school to regain his health. Since his whole identity was wrapped up in being an athlete he suffered an emotional crisis besides working to regain his physical health. One of his professors told him, “only challenge produces the opportunity for greatness” which inspired Collin to overcome any obstacles and begin training again. He finished college and began working for Stealthbelt, a product he believes in. We at the meeting can attest that his work and his story are an inspiration to others.

A few things we learnt from Collin at the meeting. We all want to prevent getting a hernia or making our hernias worse. To prevent a hernia, the tighter the belt the better and core strengthening is important. Collin advocates learning the proper mechanics of movement and to find a physical therapist who specializes in functional movement. When first working on getting your strength back after surgery look up youtube videos on postnatal exercises for women who have had C sections.

After Collin’s presentation we asked our new folk if they have any questions we can help them with. Good luck to Michelle who undergoes surgery on Thursday.

Crystal asked for volunteers for panel speakers for an ostomy nurse class at San Jose State University. Eddy, Rich and Virginia volunteered.

Upcoming meetings:

February 12 – Zonk Thompson with http://sanitaryostomysystem.com

March 12 – Luna Physical Therapy http://www.getluna.com

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm

Respectfully submitted, Crystal I.

Addendum to minutes

After our meeting we received an email letting us know that long time group member Linda Sloan, who worked to cope with a short gut ileostomy, passed away. We will inform the group of the date of her memorial service when we hear of it. It will be in the spring or later.

What Happened at our December 11th Meeting

The December meeting was called by to order at 7:12 pm in the Rosalie Rendu Room by Crystal, we started a bit late due to organizing efforts for the Christmas Social. 17 people were in attendance for the meeting.

We had a short Round Robin introducing each member of our group. This has become a key part of each meeting as we understand what our members are facing and how they deal with some of the issues involved.

Crystal then began the evenings activities. People bought tickets and placed their tickets into bags in front of the items they were interested in. Crystal then with help began to draw tickets and we presented the winner with the item. A lot of fun was had by all. A fair amount of money was raised that will help with some of the expenses incurred by our group. A Special Thank you goes out to the members who simply made a donation to help out.

Bag it Away.com sent samples of their Ostaway x-Bag, an Ostomy Disposal Bab bags that were handed out, a special Thank you goes out to Eddie for sending us those samples.

Stealth Belt sent us a belt and it was raffled off. Eddy was the lucky winner! Thank you to Stealth Belt.

As 2018 winds down, and we look back on the year, we have had a number of very interesting meetings. With your help, 2019 will be better. Here is what the year will start off with:

January 8 – Stealth Belt Representative https://www.stealthbelt.com
February 12 – Zonk Thompson with https://sanitaryostomysystem.com
March 12 – Luna Physical Therapy with https://www.getluna.com

Speaking of fun. Several people have asked that we have a “Social Night” at a local adult beverage facility. We took a vote and we will be scheduling a “Ostomy Night Out in the Near Future.” The consensus was a Tuesday evening starting at 5:30PM.
If anyone has a suggestion for a location, please let me know! Crystal wants Santana Row. Looking for suggestions here! A number of people raised their hands wanting this to happen. Can we have a volunteer to chair this event?

If you take a look at our Web Site, www.svosg.org, you will see a lot of information about Ostomies and our upcoming schedule. We try to schedule speakers that can relate to people with Ostomies. We have had surgeon’s, Naturopath’s, Acupuncturists, Representative’s from various suppliers. The reason this is mentioned is to ask for your help in filling our schedule for next year. If you know someone that would speak to our group, about anything related to the world of an Ostomate, please let me know about it so I can try to schedule it.

I am happy to announce that the Free Ostomy Clinic opened the afternoon of October 12th, 2018 at San Jose State University. They provide ostomy care to adults and children who cannot obtain this service elsewhere. Clinic hours ware from 1:30 pm  to 7:00 pm on most Fridays, except school holidays and semester breaks. Clients will be seen by appointment only; clients may call the clinic appointment line at (408) 924-3422 to schedule an appointment. If a scheduler is not available to take the call, the client may leave a message and the call will be returned as soon as possible. We will issue parking passes to clients prior to or during the appointment. Please spread the word to those in need.

Our next meeting is January 8, 2019 in the Rosalie Rendu Room, starting at 7:00 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.
Respectfully submitted, Dave B.